Dragons to Save, Time to be Brave is the second mini-movie of LEGO Elves. Events of this special take place before webisode #6. It is broken up into two segments. There is also a third installment, which serves as an epilogue or a sequel.

Official Descriptions

Part 1 - "Emily Jones’ nightmare about an evil magic in Elvendale turns out to come true. The beautiful Queen Dragon is captured by the evil elf witch, Ragana! Emily and the elves set out on their most dangerous adventure yet. In a race against time, they must win back the trust of the elemental dragons of Elvendale to free the Queen Dragon and save her dragon babies."

Part 2 - "With Aira now lost, Emily Jones and the other elves split up and head for the Dragon Sanctuary and Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle to free the Queen Dragon. The baby dragons are getting sicker by the minute, and time is running out… Will the elves’ magic be strong enough to defeat Ragana and save Elvendale from a terrible fate?"

Epilogue - "When Naida suddenly starts losing her temper with the dragons, the other elves and Emily suspect she has been bewitched. And they have a good idea who’s behind it: the evil elf witch, Ragana! But as Naida turns more and more angry, can they save her before she hurts herself or others?"

New Characters