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Elandra Portrait4.png
First Appearance: Dragons to Save, Time to be Brave
Element: Love
Voiced By: N/A

Elandra is the Queen Dragon. She has a special connection with Emily.

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Queen of dragons. Like Emily, she doesn’t belong to a specific element. Instead she is the gathering force among all dragons. She is the largest dragon, mother and queen to most of her kind. Though Elandra shares an unbreakable bond with all her dragon kin, she has never bonded with an elf before. Her new friendship with Emily can make her as silly as a puppy sometimes. Only shortly though, as she will catch herself being so unguarded, brush it off and regain her majestic composure.

Powers: Love, and uniting all magic

Strengths: She is extremely wise, confident, calm and has no need for showing off.

Flaws: Her powers can weaken if she is separated from her loved ones.

Skills: Sees everyone for who they are and brings out the best in them.

Favorite things: When everyone she loves is safe and cared for.

Did you know: She has an amulet similar to Emily’s.


Elandra is mostly white with blue and gold detailing. Of the other full-grown dragons shown so far, she seems to surpass them in size. Presumably, she is the largest dragon of them all.



Elandra has five dragon babies - Spark, Fledge, Rayne, Floria, and Estari.


Elandra and Emily Jones have a special bond with each other similar to the rest of the elf/dragon bonds. She also is good friends with Azari Firedancer, Naida Riverheart, Farran Leafshade, Aira Windwhistler, Tidus Stormsurfer and Sira Copperbranch.


Elandra was once captured by Ragana, and now the two despise each other. It is unclear if she and Cronan Darkroot dislike each other, since they have never met after the elves knew he was evil, but in the end they appear to be friends.



  • While she is not connected to one of the four natural elements, she could be considered to have the power of love, just like Emily. She and Emily have a special bond.
  • Elandra's name starts with an E, as do Emily and Estari's names. All three of them are connected to the element of love. Love can be considered as the fifth element, and E is the fifth letter in the alphabet.
  • In addition to being the largest, she is also supposedly believed to be faster than other dragons. Evidence of this is shown in the webisode Drag Race.
  • Because of her size, Elandra makes the ground shake when she lands.