I was on yet another one of my google deep dives, and came accross a facebook page called Lego Elves Immersion. This page is a very cool page with pictures of MOC sets, as well as other fanworks. But they also post official artwork amung other Elves related news.

You don't have to scroll very far down on the page to find these images, but if you go deeper, you'll find images from the activity books, and stuff from the magazines!

Graphics Backgrounds

Painted Backgrounds

Here are some backgrounds by the artist Susanne Bækby Olesen . Her other work is beautiful!

Magazines/Activity Books

I also found a video of a girl on YouTube flipping through all the pages in the magazines/graphic novels/activity books. But the videos are in Polish and the images are iffy in quality. But, I'll link the videos if you guys want them!

The Power of Dark Magic

The main motivation for me to have started today's deep dive. My goal was to find at least one seller's link for "The Power of Dark Magic", but I could only find the first two. Thankfully, someone on facebook posted some pictures of their own copy.

There's a comic here as well, but it's in French, along with the rest of the text.

The Magazines

Misc. Graphics and Wallpapers

Here's some miscellaneous artwork, mostly very high quality wallpapers. But! There is an image on Zonya that I don't think many have seen.

Desktop Wallpapers

Phone Wallpapers


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